One of todays greatest home innovation in the Tilt &Turn window of Urban-Dorz is its dual action. The window tilts in at the top to provide cross-flow ventilation and then, with the simple turn of the handle, opens wide like a casement window for easy cleaning. With dual seal construction and multiple locking points on all four sides it offers great thermal and acoustic protection, added security and excellent protection against the elements. The tilt and turn window is particularly popular throughout residences, commercial and in multi-storeyed buildings. The maximum size for our tilt and turn windows is 1400mm wide x 2400mm high.

Our fixed windows are a great way of bringing light and views into a space without compromising thermal efficiency. These can be as large as 3000mm wide x 3000mm high. They provide the most cost effective way to open up a facade, while maintaining high thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics.

Our sliding windows boast secure multi-locking hardware, single toughened to double glazing, and effortless rolling action. The thin profile makes them affordable, safe and attractive. They are available in 2 or 3 track configurations. Urban-Dorz sliding window range is a popular option for many as it provides modern clean lines and is great for areas where space is limited. They are the most cost effective solution to opening up your home or office. The configuration of the windows offer excellent thermal protection and security.The maximum size for our sliding sash is 1000mm wide x 1800mm high.

Our Slide & stack door systems can span huge openings.. The sliding door range can realize upto5 to 7 panel configurations, and is the most affordable way of opening up large areas. URBAN- DORZ sliding doors offer an effortless rolling action, great security, excellent thermal and acoustic protection and modern styling. The sliding door range is our most popular seller, allowing for vast areas of uninterrupted views, clean lines and (like all URBAN -DORZ uPVC products) require little maintenance. Our sturdy system can support Door heights upto 3000 mm, letting in flood of light to your living areas.

Our folding sliding doors are the centerpiece of our door range. They are available in 3 to 7 panel configurations and can be used in openings up to 5.8m wide and even more in special cases. The dual seals and multi-locking hardware provides an airtight seal with zero air infiltration. This provides the utmost protection against the elements, even along our often harsh tropical weather and coastline. The airtight seals also provide superior protection against any unwanted noise. URBAN - DORZ Bi-fold doors are a greatway of seamlessly linking internal and external spaces and are complimentary to most architectural styles enabling a 100% openable space. The maximum size for each bi-fold door panels is 900mm wide x 2400mm high.

hese large doors operate in the sliding position, with the weather-stripping engaged in compression, and with the simple turn of the door handle, this will unlock the door and lift it up off the track allowing the door to slide easily without any friction or effort. Lift & slide doors can be made in large sizes which can be opened and closed with the touch of a finger. One single operating handle activates a special hardware system that first lifts the sliding door from the weather tight position then slides with ease on rollers and tracks at the head and sill.

The lift & slide doors come with an advantage of ease of operation and secure multipoint locking hardware. A single sash spanning 2.5 meters are possible with this system.